Monday, 30 May 2011

Group 21

Start from left to right: Thio Mei Yan, Kate Yeoh Peik Ling, Hee Mun Ching, Nandini Jha, Yeo Chong Yong.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Team Evolution

18 May, this was the first day we met each other. Each of us differs in many aspects in terms of faculty, education background,culture,personality and interest. We are so glad to know each other through this assignment. Everyone was kind of introverted during the first meeting as everyone was still in the process of getting to know each other more. Most of the time, we were only using non-verbal communication such as "eye contact" or even gestures.To overcome this non-conversation barrier, we started to exchange email and Facebook account. We have a common goal which is to accomplish this assignment with good grade. In order to know each other more,we shared our personal information via email and seek for other information from social medias such as Facebook and Twitter.  

23 May, this was the first time we set for meeting. The meeting was totally informal; we were just having a late meeting for about 10-15mins. This was where the conflict happened. People are self-centered, we only believe on our understanding no matter it is right or wrong. We misunderstood the idea of this assignment, we argued for personal’s evaluation and belief, we fought for personal’s right, we tended to control the group, we had conflict with our goals. Our social behavior were totally indifferent. Some of us think that timeline is very crucial for this assignment, however, the others do not have the same thinking. Moreover, not all of us are using  the same software in personal's laptop which it will slow down the process in doing this assignment. For example, some of us who don't have the new version of Microsoft Word will not be able to open the file we sent. In conclusion, we knew that we were lack of efficiency, time management and communication. To avoid being out of track, we decided to get the information from our lecturer and came out with some rules and a set of timeline schedule. 

Next day, we set a meeting again. This time, everyone came prepared as job scope has already been given to each other in advance. We divided the group into 2 whereby one group works on the blog and design; another group works on the report and PowerPoint – task oriented. We set a due date for every task and start working on our task. For the members who do design need to think about the concept of the blog, the blog's design, the setting of blog, and the contents of the blog. For those who are responsible for paper work and PowerPoint, they have to write a formal report and create simple yet nice PowerPoint slides.

Every member of our group is supportive and encouraging, which all of us agreed with the concept and idea of the blog and report after discussion. We always make fun during our discussion to reduce the pressure and seek for more creativity. We continuously add on some ideas into the blog through email. Finally, majority of us agree with the ideas as everyone is heading towards the same goal.

Everyone in our group is responsible, we accomplished the task on time. Everything ran smoothly. We kept posting and updating our work day by day till the assignment is accomplished.

Saturday, 28 May 2011



My name is Chong Yong. I’m from Klang and now 20 years old. I would like to gain more working experiences and closer to community. Besides that, I am an instructor in Little IQ Tots and waiter at Witchery Ider as my part time job. I wish to be a psychologist because I like to help people in problem. Furthermore, I like to play sport when I’m free because it likes motivation. I also like to read newspaper as my extra knowledge.


My name is Mun Ching, I come from K.L and I’m 20 years old. I would like to spend the rest of my life travel around the world. I also wish to be a psychologist in the future because I like to counsel and help people. The way I deal with stress is sleeping. I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds when I’m free.


My name is NandiniJha. I am from India. I have done my entire schooling till higher education from India(Mumbai and Chennai). Currently I am staying in Malaysia because of my dad’s job we had to shift here. I will be completing my Graduation from Help University college. My interests, I like to play basketball, watch movies, listening to music, Camping and shopping. I am an introvert by nature, making friends is not an easy job for me. But once I become a friend of someone, I can handle the friendship with care. When I was young I had many of my classmates and friends who suffered emotional traumas because of lack of guidance or no one around to understand them. That is why I choose to become a councillor in career and make life of others simple and easy to go with. I see myself saving the lives of many teenagers attempting suicide getting carried away by momentary thoughts and ending their lives.


YOOOOO.... I am Kate, same with Yen, currently pursuing my Bachelor in Marketing Communication. I just love to play regardless of indoor or outdoor activites (indoor activities such as watching movie, reading magazine, playing online game and outdoor activities such as travelling, playing basketball, going gym and hanging out with friends to 'chit chat'). That's why I choose Event Management (busy but having fun and get to learn a lot at the same time) as my future career. I had plenty of experience working in the events line, being a freelance designer as well as promoter. That's why I am proud to say that I understand the'reality' apart being a student. 

Movie that I love the most is Toy Story, it makes me to recall my sweet childhood memories. It is the first ever animation movie I got to know when I was young. I truly admire Jay Chou and Taylor Swift because they are so talented (but I am not a crazy 'fan' who follow them everywhere they go and purchase every single merchandise). 

I love travel because I can explore new thing and learn from different culture. I can share my travel experiences with my friend and gain a lot of knowledge from my friend too. The country that I hope I can go before 2012 is Africa. I wish I can understand them more because they are hundred and thousand times poorer than Malaysian' kids. I wish I can help them with the knowledge and the skills I had. 

Lastly, I love to do design. I belief that Picture plus Wording can express my feeling. 


Hi, I am Yen or you can call me --- Piggy. Currently, I am having my Bachelor in Marketing Communication. I love outdoor; I am excited and energetic when I join my friend travel around. Like others, I always felt sleep in class due to the Lecture Class DAMN boring (my picture proof who am I). Last but no least, the only thing that made me happy is --- MONEY!!

Besides that, my interest also include listening Jay Chou song. Yeah, Jay Chou is my beloved idol. He is talented at many aspects such as a singer, artist, host and director. Additional, he can play music and instrument with very professional. After that, the things I curious is I did not buy his album, because it is expensive. Nowadays is 21st generation, sure I can download Jay Chou song form website which is free too!!!

Other than that, my major dream is travel around the world but sound like very hard to accomplish. The country I wish to travel is Japan because I’m wishing to enjoy the 4 seasons in Japan.I want release!!!!!I hate pressure, but think twice, sometimes pressure can become the motivation to push me, yeah!!!^^

My aspiration is once I graduate and complete my degree, I wish that I have a good job in my future life; this is one of my planning too. Additional, get the good job which means get the nice salary and then I can buy a lot of things! But make sure spend money as wisely. That's me!!!